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Founded in 1996 in the city of Franca (SP), Couro & Arte produces a wide range of accessories for domestic and imported vehicles, boats and aircraft. Its flagship is the automotive leather seat, whose beauty and sophistication has been very well accepted in the automotive market.

Couro & Arte also has a Stamp/Perforations sector that serves the national automotive and footwear market. Couro & Arte currently has its headquarters in Franca (SP), units in Triângulo Mineiro, Uberaba (MG) and Uberlândia (MG).

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Our Shops

Address: Avenida Alagoas, 821
Jardim Paulista
Telephone: (+55) 16 3711-9600
E-mail: couroearte@couroearte.com.br


Address: Avenida Mato Grosso, 1543
Bairro Brasil
Telephone: (+55) 34 3235-2659
E-mail: veraluciaalves33@yahoo.com.br


Address: Av. Dep. José M. Cherem, 217
Vila São Cristovão
Telephone: (+55) 34 3336-9500
E-mail: uberaba@couroearte.com.br